The Radical Geographers of Edinburgh (RAD.GE) is an open and interdisciplinary reading group hosted by scholars at the Institute of Geography, University of Edinburgh. We encourage engagement with a wide range of ideas, and are motivated chiefly by the belief that critical thinking can challenge embedded power structures and help to formulate the foundations of a better world.

Reading group meetings are organised on a fortnightly basis, and we generally meet at 4 PM, Thursday at the Geddes Room, Institute of Geography, Drummond Street. The venue is subject to change, and reading group members are informed in advance through the mailing list.

The reading group meetings are open to all staff and students across all departments and schools at the University of Edinburgh, as well as any interested individual. The material we read is decided by those who attend the meetings. In case we do not get a suggestion, we choose a reading that is of interest to a wider group. RAD.GE is a democratic discussion forum, where we all have equal space to discuss ideas and opinions based on the reading.

RAD.GE started in 2013 with a group of PhD students in Human Geography at the School of Geosciences, University of Edinburgh. After a successful run, it went into a brief hiatus, and was restarted again in March, 2017.